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10 On 10 | March 2012 | Honolulu Photographer

So remember in January when I said I was determined to see all of my projects for the year through?  Yeah, well, that was already a big fat FAIL.  But, I picked up and moved forward and I’m going to do my best to see these projects through, even if I stumble along the way.

The last few months have been full of big changes.  Changes that have taken away from my photography time and have somewhat exhausted me to the point that I don’t even have to energy to pick up my camera on most days.  So this 10 on 10 may  or may not have actually been shot in one day.  But it’s done.  And done is better than perfect, right?  (My new mantra.)

Kaya reading first thing in the morning. She is obsessed with that Elmo book and wants to read it


Mommy and Kaya rockin’ our TOMS.


Spent the morning at the farmer’s market.  It was packed!


Then off for more shopping at Costco.  She was over it if you can’t tell.


We’ve had some gnarly weather lately.  I’m talking house-shaking thunder, lightning, and even HAIL.  In Hawaii?  Crazy!  But, the blue skies made a brief appearance.


While the little one napped I headed out into the yard with the macro for some pretty flower shots.


Post nap workout on the trampoline.


Introduced Play doh for the first time.  She loved it.  She tried to eat it.  She didn’t love the taste.  :P  She loved Play doh so much that she didn’t even want to eat dinner.  Anyone who knows this kid knows that is a big deal.  Because the girl loves her food.


Post bath potty.  It was a fail but we’re not pushing it right now.  She’ll say she wants to go then sit there and not do anything.  Then she gets bored and wants to go play.


Now that the kid’s in bed, we can all relax.  Including Ellie, who hijacked Kaya’s new blanket.  She loves to sleep everywhere but in her own bed.  Figures.


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10 Responses to “10 On 10 | March 2012 | Honolulu Photographer”

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  2. Carey says:

    These are super awesome, Christine! (I’m still soooo envious of the hawaii thing). The water image and the trampoline images are my favorite. She is one blessed little girl!

  3. Laurie says:

    I’m so glad you shared these.. and I LOVE your mantra.. not perfect but done. Can I steal that?? :)
    What gorgeous photo’s.. love the water droplets on glass, the mochi at the market, the gorgeous macro floers.. I mean GORGEOUS and the play time shot.. coolest jumper ever. And potty time! A mom’s work is NEVER done!! OMG.. I love loud thunder.. we never get it here in SO. CAl. :( xoxo

  4. Melinda says:

    Beautiful shots Christine! My mantra is “progress not perfection” but agree that letting go can be difficult.

  5. Amy says:

    Love These, Christine! The colors on the macro shots are just gorgeous! I empathize with having almost no energy for extra projects.
    Your work is lovely, as always, though!

  6. Cecilia M. says:

    I love these Christine! The photos of Kaya make me smile, those chunky legs, the sad face, the serious face……makes me want to reach through my screen and squeeze her :P Gorgeous macro shots too! And done is always better than perfect!

  7. Sara T says:

    Awesome Macro. Love the farmer’s market…..wish I had one like it here.

  8. Jayme F. says:

    This is better than Done it is Perfect. I think you captured your day to day wonderfully. I love how intently she is working the play-doe!

  9. Val Spring says:

    OMG your baby is so incredibly adorable! Love the play-doh shot and the water macro!

  10. lori says:

    love your day! can we squeeze some brooke/kaya-kaya time in soon? we have her birthday present and her Christmas present from my in-laws, eek!

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